Kayotic Konfessions

Who am I to Leave my audience guessing about “Who I am”?

I’m known by many names but you can all refer to me as “Kayotic Konfessions or a Complete Mess”. Emotionally driven by the numerous roles my life has so wonderfully bestowed upon me; some good while most disturbing. I am a very passionate person but at the same time, I’ve been known to straddle the edge of no return. It all depends on which side my heart decides to beat, when I roll out of bed in the morning. Sometimes it’s the warm loving side, while other times it’s the cold-blooded, no patience …. for my temperature has just shot thru the roof in 1.5 sec’s side of the heart. In all honesty I just might be the true definition of Bi-Polar (don’t quote me thou).

Anyways, my blog is strictly for entertainment. It consists of nothing more than my personal experiences, opinions, thoughts, and views on whatever/whenever. If you’re looking for insight on politics, news or anything of that boring nature… “YOU WONT FIND IT HERE”…. please vacate and comeback when you’ve loosened your tie and snatched off your wig.

I’m a little sarcastic so please don’t be offended. I’m also not a very structured person … hence the “kayotic” word in the title. Most of my post might come off as random. So Id like to give my most un-sincerest apology ahead of time because being organized in every aspect of my life isn’t too high on my to do list. However, if you’re looking to witness what I’ve experienced and be apart of my Kayoticness feel free. I’m a very visual writer and I’d love to have you front row and center….

As I embrace the world one blog at a time.


Kayotic Konfessions