The way you rub my leg and brush against my thigh,

can’t deny, can’t even lie… a little higher

might make my body cry

an open faucet, a slight down pour

your lips, my neck

got me begging for more,

I’m yearning, you’re caressing,

Your hands, my buttons

got me undressing,

just a touch can start so much,

is this love? Shit, Might be lust,

Hard to think

I’m so confused

but all I know

Is that I want you,

Either inside,

I ride,

From the back,

On the floor,

Pressed again the wall

Or the door

Don’t care who hears, who knows, who sees

Our body in the mirror

Shadows blending please…


Man I want you,

Can’t deny that I do…

Keep kissing on my neck…

Imma make you want me too.

~Kayotic Konfessions