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May 2014

Don’t look at it….

"I want you to really mean.... I DO"
“I want you to really mean…. I DO”
Don’t look at it as the end,
I want you to see the beginning,
When this chapter becomes full bloom
I want you to know we’re winning,
To be comfortable in love,
To know that you are the only
That when the days get too hard and the room feels big
You’ll never be lonely,

Don’t look at it as a trap
Or a one way street,
I want you to feel like it’s a bridge
Where our love can meet
Where we can grow,
Build a home
And find warmth like no other,
Look at me as your woman,
Your partner,
Your lifetime lover

Don’t look at it as freedom lost,
For this is not a jail,
Look at me as that one phone call
When you mess up and need bail,
Look at me as the ride or die,
When all your friends happen to go missing,
Look at me as the star
You look up and confess to when you’re longing and wishing

Don’t look at it as a chore,
Something you don’t want to do,
Before we take this leap of love,
Look at if “I am right for you”

If you’d miss me if I left and I wasn’t around,
Am I the puzzle piece in the box,
You’re glad you’ve found,
Do you still want to love me genuinely,
When I get on your nerves
Compared to all the rest,
Am I what you deserve?
Could I be your Morning, Noon and night?
You’re three hundred and sixty-five,
Are you comfortable giving love to me
Every day you are alive,
Am I the one you want to promise,
You’ll love from now until forever,
Do you think there is anyone else out there
That could understand and love you better
Don’t do this for me,
I want you to do this for you,
For when he asks “Will you always love her”,
I want you to really mean, “I DO”.


Got me Yearning….

The way you rub my leg and brush against my thigh,

can’t deny, can’t even lie… a little higher

might make my body cry

an open faucet, a slight down pour

your lips, my neck

got me begging for more,

I’m yearning, you’re caressing,

Your hands, my buttons

got me undressing,

just a touch can start so much,

is this love? Shit, Might be lust,

Hard to think

I’m so confused

but all I know

Is that I want you,

Either inside,

I ride,

From the back,

On the floor,

Pressed again the wall

Or the door

Don’t care who hears, who knows, who sees

Our body in the mirror

Shadows blending please…


Man I want you,

Can’t deny that I do…

Keep kissing on my neck…

Imma make you want me too.

~Kayotic Konfessions

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