I would like to say today has been irritating but I mind as well say this week. I started back at school this week and it has been hell. I’m a 25 yr old single parent trying to finish up my Bachelors. The darn semester has barely started and I’m already having doubts. I’m so close though that I damn near want to cry. I have only two semesters left but I have to take my full loads. Everyone’s cheering saying I can do it and encouraging me to take it all on but everyone that so-called has quote on quote said “they can help” has been flaky and inconsistent.

   Again it’s the first darn week, I got three months to go and I can only miss a total of 5 classes. I probably wouldn’t be half as stressed if I didn’t know how closely they are monitoring the student’s this semester. I need all my classes. I need to keep my loans and scholarships *sigh*. It’s to the point I’m getting irritated with people. Don’t say you can pick up my princess, have me believing in you, signing up for these classes and you can’t freaking do it. She’s left stranded at school and I’m left missing school.

Frustrated to the Max,

Kayotic Konfessions 😦