"We" and it feels so right!!
“We” and it feels so right!!
I used to dream the day would come when I wouldn’t be alone
When raising a child or children, would consist of that two parent home,
When my days would be long, but I would have some sort of help,
instead of trying to save the day and having no time for myself.

I used to dream I would get a small break
While she screams my significant others name,
That maybe once during the week
We would have a family night of games,
Where we would all laugh and have fun
And great moments could be exchanged.

I used to dream the day would come
When the struggle wouldn’t be so hard
For the support wouldn’t be one-sided,
And my fears I could share,
For I’d know they wouldn’t be disregarded
And there would be someone that truly cared.

I used to dream all these things,
That my life would no longer consist of an “I”
That it would eventually become a “we”,
I dreamed and I dreamed
And god sent you to me.

At first, you didn’t see my dreams
Our visions were both on different stages,
Then god showed us both the big picture
as he continued to unveil the pages.

Now, we are here…. New Parent’s to be.
And you are constantly teaching me,
to let go of “I and mines” and embrace this brand new “we”.
Giving me reasons to believe,
Showing me actions instead of words,
Even with just a one look, know that you are always heard.
Being able to trust enough to follow,
learning I don’t always have to lead,
No longer a strong “I”
I cashed it in for the reality of this “we”…
And out of everything I envisioned,
It/you … is so much better than I had dreamed.