Image            As a parent, we tend to outweigh everything. The odds of the good and the effects from the bad. Although neither might come into play… we are always thinking and the wheels in our head remain turning. I am in a nice spot, so I wouldn’t refer to it as being placed between a rock and a wall (so it’s a nice spot).

            My daughter’s father is finally helping. Nothing major but hey, I can see the light. It has probably been the most help I have seen since she was born and she is about to be five years old. He actually takes the time to see her when I ask. It is still in small doses but it went from 11 days in the past 3 years to a nice amount lol. My only problem now is financially I don’t see much of anything. This year alone I can say he gave her 10 dollars just because one day, a pair of (99-somethings) “new balance” maybe a month or two later, and he gave me 40 dollars to cover a aftercare payments that 62.50 every two weeks. C’mon, shake your head with me lol…

Nonetheless, I still smile, remain cordial and don’t complain out loud or in front of my child. 🙂

           However, I recently got a letter saying the Maryland Courts are considering dropping our child support case that I opened in 08, that I have been waiting patiently for results and they still have yet to do anything about it. Am I wrong for writing them and stating I don’t wish to have the case dropped? Am I wrong for calculating in my head receiving a losey forty dollars when he feels like it? I mean really… forty dollars don’t do much against her transportation, food, school trips, school fees, summer camp costs, clothes and not to mention the “wants” alone of a 5-year-old. Did you notice that none of that included rent, bills or any of the things I still have to buy for my own personal “needs”… not even wants because she always comes first. Am I wrong?

I am calculating the odds and honestly, they just don’t seem balanced nor do they seem fair. SO AM I WRONG?