Been a While,

Since I smiled…

All night.

You know till your cheeks start to hurt,

as they form the curve, as the laughter pours

after every word.

It’s been a while,

since I gazed at a soul,

and wanted to know more,

wanted to adore,

the person deep within.

Been a while,

since just a hug made me flutter,

butterflies plus some other,

other emotions,

other senses,

when his hand touched my skin and my body started flinching.

It’s been a while,

since being held felt nice,

not a sexual type of right,

but just being secure in a pair of arms for the night.

Been a while,

since I’ve been kissed,Sunset-kiss-wedding-photo-600x600

off guard, mid-sentence …

with such elegance.

Sortof like a flick,

I would catch on the screen,

or a glimpse from a scene,

in one of my dreams.


It’s been a while!