A wise man once said…

EXACTLY!!! Wise men say a lot of things. I am sure we all can think of at least one statement a wise man, or woman has said to us. However, just because you state a lot of things DOES NOT make you wise. I have the gift of gab, that doesn’t mean I am wise; it just means I have a hard time shutting up at times. Hence, I like to be heard. ( which is true, no argument there). The only difference between me and those claiming to be wise is: I do not walk around CLAIMING to be; WISE.

When in fact::

I AM, in most cases. Not because im “wise beyond my years” but because my experiences have doubled/tripled every year. I am wise pertaining to lessons i have learned. NOT EVERYTHING!

A wise person doesn’t just talk just because they can and they do not portray themselves as having all the answers. If you do those two things, believe and flaunt yourself, and that is your “wise” demeanor… Please by all means “KILL YOURSELF” (not literally). Wise people listen first and foremost, and do not always want to hear themselves talk. They use their wisdom to guide and shade light, not to show who has the biggest balls and who’s cuts are the deepest. Furthermore, the hardest challenge while obtaining wisdom is to just be SILENT!!!

Something I still need to grasp at times,

-Kayotic Konfessions