I am not fully comprehending how this works and its becoming a bit frustrating. When you are in a relationship, is it not suppose to be about the good of both parties opposed to self? When you are in a relationship, where exactly do you draw the line between pride, acceptance and/or compromise?

Being in a relationship and wanting to do for your significant other or help them out at times when you are unable is bad enough. For that is like torture to yearn to do something for the one you love but you can’t. However, nothing holds a candle stick to those moments except those few times when you can actually be of some assistance. When you have a little extra or you are able to help during a bad situation and your significant other refuses your gestures. Your badgered with, it’s not right, they will be okay, and they just turn down your gesture by turning the other cheek. It’s almost like a smack in the face. How do you expect to grow and maintain in the future, when bigger things present their self and you don’t or won’t allow that person to help? How are you gonna feel when that time comes and you need that person’s help but you have refused it so much that at that moment of need, they never even offer? Never even think twice about you needing assistance because as you claimed numerous times before “you will be fine.”

If you are in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be balanced and consisting of a bond of not one but two, what do you do?

“Constant ignored gestures or offers from the heart, eventually fade and become non-existent every time they are presumed to not be needed.” – Kayotic Konfessions