Its 9:40 and I’m waiting for my clock to say 10:45 (and for the phone to ring).

You ever have to wait for someone to break your heart, or for disappointment you THINK/BELIEVE is coming. OH MY STARS, if this has never happened to you it is PURE TORTURE and you’re a lucky son of a gun!!!! Ya mind is zooming towards all the possible things that could be said. Any positive comments are so distant.. you gotta squint ya eyes and pause ya brain just to get a glimpse! Maybe the bad is all I see because I want to be prepared, BUT HOW CAN YOU PREPARE YA HEART from splattering into a million pieces. JUST NOT POSSIBLE!!!!

I know where my mindset should be, but my heart is not trying to get on that page or get with the flow!!! Stupid heart… it’s 9:45. I got a whole hour to convince my heart to get with the program! Waiting for a response I KNOW I don’t want to hear! Maybe he’ll surprise me…want to love me and keep me happy so we can compromise.. I REALLY TRULY SUPA DUPA HOPE so…

Ugh- Kayotic Konfessions