I’ve been in a relationship since October… so I never let my lips perch to speak to unknowns. I try not to even let my eyes roam. My eyes have a home so if I never stray, no temptation could happen. Today however, I found myself checking out this very tall lightskin brother. I couldn’t help it haha…

Dude looked at me and I looked slam out of the train window, (hard to get or just resisting the urge to look back I guess). When I saw his reflection in the window looking away I decided to at least see what he was working with. I looked at his shoes first. (Can’t take care of your shoes… then you can NEVER take care of a female haha). My eyes slowly moved up…. so slow I didn’t even notice he was watching me… watching me “slowly” check him out. Wasn’t until I got to his face… did I see all his teeth. They were white, thank the stars. I couldn’t help but burst into this childish “I’ve been caught” grin. There we were… two strangers laughing at that brief moment of attraction.

I let the laughter fade, and once again regained my composure. My stop was next… so I enjoyed that feeling and stepped off onto the platform. Nothing more was needed. No numbers exchanged… No “what is your name?”… Just the feeling of being seen … the feeling of maybe being desire… THE END!!!

-Nothing like  brief encounter 🙂

Kayotic Konfessions