Gotta Boo Boo :(I found out today that my daughter will not be a doctor when she grows up (tragic huh?!!). She walked up to me with a small piece of glass she found on the bedroom floor. It was a fraction of the light bulb I had dropped the night before. She hands it to me laughing, “Mommy, I think you forgot a piece” (smart butt). It never dawned on her that she could cut her little finger. She never even let the thought cross her mind. It wasn’t till she sat down, and began to draw with a yellow crayon that all I heard was “red keeps showing up in my picture…ugh, mommy!!!”. I waited and watched her until she finally looked at her finger and instantly, ALL HELL BROKE LOSE!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It hurts… whine, whine,….blah blah!!!

 It took everything in me not to laugh. I went into mommy mode to soothe her and I tried to double check the cut for any extra glass, but before I could get close, all these sound effects came from nowhere LOL, Ahh, Oww, Mommy no it hurts. I couldn’t help but shake my head. She literally continued to cry for ten minutes because she could still see the small… I mean extra tiny cut bleeding. I had her hold a paper towel around it. However, It eventually got to the point I was ready to scream and I wasn’t even hurt. I suddenly remembered I had an emergency band-aid stashed in my purse and grabbed it. I put it on her little finger and INSTANTLY she shut up, I mean complete SILENCE (and YES, it was golden haha). Whoohooo, two thumbs up for the magic band-aid.

After this episode I don’t think she’ll be saving lives anytime soon. I am kinda glad she aint pass out at the sight of the blood though….I probably would have had a heart attack. ( LOL = I would have been NO HELP AT ALL!!!!)

-Kayotic Konfessions