Today was awesome.. at least the portion I spent on Facebook. I started a note today and I called it a venting session, where my friends could make quotes, short poem verses… even piggy back off of what another person said long as you put @_______  with the person’s name. I wanted to see the results my readers might have or want to get off their chest on WordPress. No judgement here (your safe)…and I’ll promise I’ll rebuttal with my poetry. 🙂 LETS GO… Below you’ll find the beginning phrases to choose from…

Pardon me while I get this off my chest…..

It Pisses me off that…..

Let me clear the air by saying…..


Cant wait to see what you guys come up with, I’ll be waiting…(don’t be afraid to be the first… there’s no wrong response)

-Kayotic Konfessions