There are days like today when everything falls into place and I know just how much I am loved. I sat at the table today at my surprise graduation dinner with my old love and my new soul mate. Yet, from both sides of the spectrum I felt endless love. I didn’t have to question their loyalty, their heart or where I fit in ….within the mix.

My old love, despite us no longer having chemistry or the urge to lust for more… there is  still a special place in his heart for me. His dad just came home from the hospital this morning, and we JUST spoke about how badly it hurt him;  yet… when I walked through the Cheesecake Factory’s doors to lay my eyes on my surprise dinner there he was with his older sister smiling at me. {LOVE}.

I sit down in awe at all the people at the table to honor my recent success to turn and see MY SOUL MATE :-). My baby was there as well and I truly couldn’t believe it. It’s almost 5pm on a SUNDAY and there he was, butt plastered to the chair. It was almost surreal because we have an understanding that SUNDAYS are off-limits in our relationship. Sundays consists of him doing watever he pleases without my girly interruptions. Whether it is playing basketball with the fellas at the gym or just playing cards and spending QT with his fam. I never ask for his presence on Sundays and I try my hardest to never expect it. So you can just imagine how much my mouth was dragging the lovely tile floor of the restaurant when I focused my hazel eyes upon him. I couldn’t believe it!!!! {LOVE}!!!!!!

 Moments like these, I KNOW… who Loves me!

(Not to take away from all the other lovely family members and friends that made it, and MADE MY DAY with their presence….I love them to no end as well…. it is that these two just stood out a bit, because I KNOW THEM.)

-Kayotic Konfessions