Package Deal Not Allowed

Relationships are tough when you are a single parent. There are so many things you don’t want your child to bear witness too, like bad relationships and people constantly coming and going. As a parent you have to decide who’s worthy of meeting your child and when. Yet, even that becomes a problem after a while. You don’t want to hide the fact you have a child, but you don’t want to be overlooked because you do. A lot of men aren’t even up for the challenge nowadays. These artificial model’s of men don’t want to be looked at as a step in daddy. They aren’t willing to build their life around responsibilities and obligations. However, they never even think that some women… don’t NEED a step in daddy anyway…just a companion to be around!

What puzzles me is there is no procedure to follow when you actually get in a good relationship with someone worthy; it doesn’t exist and more variables get thrown in the mix. When is the timing right to bring this person around? Months or years later. How long is too long and how do you do it without pressuring the outside individual? As a parent constantly trying to find a sitter all the time, instead of just spending the quality time together with the child is nerve wrecking and disappointing. You always find yourself missing events because as a parent you tend to find yourself “ON DUTY”. It leaves you to believe  the other person isn’t sympathetic to how this might make you feel. It is totally unfair.

Now, say you have completely fallen for an individual. It is real, the love is there and this person is a totally good catch. Yet, they aren’t ready for what you seek and your child….(the reason to your entire existence), is never in the picture? As a parent are you doing the right thing by building a relationship around them, without them? Is it wrong to feel like you are choosing someone else over your child, when your intentions in the beginning were to protect them? When time flies and years pass… and your child is still on the back-burner… will you be able to let go? Why does it have to come down to an actual decision, of I’ll have to eventually choose. SMH

-Kayotic Konfessions