Uncondictional Love
Uncondictional Love

Never wanted to do it alone,

Raise a child on my own,

One sided without assistance,

Always believed two parents were needed

For a child to go the distance

Fought to keep that dream alive,

Battled my own insecurities inside

Took a long time to realize

I would only fail if I didn’t try,

So I took a new approach

I needed to change how I felt,

For the sake of my child’s happiness

It was time to do it by myself

Had to let go of hopeful wishing,

Had to make some harsh decisions,

No longer waiting on another’s efforts,

Had to stop lingering for the better

Assuming one day the other party would get it,

Stressing because that person don’t listen,

Taking away from all I could give

Had to grow up, and let go

So that we could comfortably live

No more bread crumbs,

And dropping hints,

No more directions to follow and pointless fits

No more tears shed because of events missed

Because when I only focus on us,

It is just pure happiness

I know what I can do,

It is now clear to me,

No longer do I look for support

To come to me,

I have everything inside that my child will ever need,

No end to how far I’ll go,

For I am willing to take the lead

Never wanted to be a parent,

I seen the responsibilities coming,

It is a shame that both parents

Couldn’t hit the ground running,

But I am happy with my decision,

Wouldn’t change anything,

Couldn’t imagine my life now,

Without my bundle of joy breathing

I’ve also learned not to blame,

Not to even whisper ones name,

No need to bad mouth the other,

I am grateful we were lovers,

For I got the greatest gift,

And it is all Mines,

I have the biggest role,

And that is just fine,

For the love I have is stronger than any other,

So when it all is said and done…

I am a PROUD single mother!

-Kayotic Konfessions