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Ever get a small taste of a good thing and it is so desirable, so intellectually divine that you want…” I mean, have to have or you’ll die”MORE!! Well recently I was able to indulge in such a feeling. I went on a small vacation as a reward to myself for excelling in school and a friend’s birthday. I got a lot more than I paid for. It was a beautiful experience to FLY AWAY to another city (Atlanta, GA). I got to meet people from different parts of the world (lovely people), from JamaicaCanada, and Chicago. It was a totally different atmosphere from the ghetto, self-centered and negative surroundings that I am used to. I am used to the rude, one tracked minded individuals that overwhelm the DC area with their neglect for anything of real substance. So it was extremely nice and truly needed to take in something different; even inspiring.

     It made me realize that I can not stay here, bounded to what I thought was okay living. There is so much more to see. So many new ways to see the world. I want to make it a goal of mines to visit a new place every year. To get out of my routine of eating the same thing at every restaurant and try NEW things. Getting away helped me discover the me I am settling for today and the me I want to be for the future….

I have a lot to do… and limited time. You only get one life and I now see that… I am living the bare minimum of it…

Time for a Change,—>>> Let’s get AWAY!!!

-Kayotic Konfessions