It has recently hit to me that Metro gets more ridiculous as the  days go by!!! I am not even referring to their prices, that would take more than just one blog entry. I am talking about the actual drivers and workers of Metro. I do believe they get paid enough to have better attitudes towards the people who are making it possible for them to have jobs. They can take that extra sec to hold the train doors for someone running (knowing the sign reads the next train comes in 20 min), they can STOP and open the doors for the passengers trying to catch them before they leave the station or even have common courtesy with their interactions with the people. IF YOU DONT LIKE YOUR JOB… QUIT!!!

Nonetheless, I believe what I truly think yesterday had to be my WORST experience on Metro yet. If the entire bus is yelling “DO NOT OPEN THE DOORS”, can someone please tell me why he’d open them? Let me get you all up to speed on why the entire bus was screaming in a panick. There was a highschool boy on the bus that had to be no older than 17 years old. He had been yelling out the window at some other …OLDER…and much BIGGER… boys. The guys returned the verbal confrontation by yelling and threatening to get on the bus and beat the breaks off this little boy. Thru-out this five second escapade the mob of boys on the corner decided to run and gathered together at the next bus stop. To prevent this NONSENSE, and a possible and fatal incident with innocent bystanders in the way, we all yelled “DO NO OPEN THE DOORS”. Yet this IDIOT… yes, he was an IDIOTopens the doors.

       I would have to say it was about fifteen boys that jumped on the already crowded bus to head to the back of the bus. Very aggressively they made a path out of no room. I mean they were knocking over people, elbowing people, hurting the elderly people on crutches to get to this boy. “I WAS TERRIFIED!!!” Yes, I said it.. because I was close to the back. Nowadays, you never know if they are going to actually fight (which is rare) or pull out some sort of weapon. To make matters worst, the entire back of the bus consisted of mothers and their children; little children. So you have the mothers yelling and challenging this mob of angry bulky looking boys because they might harm their babies if they start fighting. They boys cared but not really, so to prevent fighting near the kids they tried to snatch the kid off the bus, and when that didn’t work they yelled “Snatch him through the window”. (wow right?!!)

It was terrifying,  horrible, and annoying to all the innocent bystanders inconvenienced by the IDIOT bus driver who should have taken that extra second, taken the time… shoot, something to actually listen.

-Kayotic Konfessions