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Dumb ass Verizion!!!!

Last choice, Last decision, Last result… was calling you!!!

Is it just me, or will you exercise every possible option before calling a service like Verizon, Sprint, Comcast or any other service that is now animated? They are no longer the easy solution to your problems, more like the annoying “LAST RESULT”

“PRESS 1 if you’re already annoyed with this questioning process, Press 2 if our animated operator doesn’t understand you, press 3 if you’re no longer calm, we’ve wasted your time and have caused you nothing but added frustrated…. IM SORRY… I didn’t understand nor comprehend your selection, PLEASE TRY BACK LATER. THANK-YOU 🙂 “

     I recently exercised using my last result Sunday, by calling Verizon. Who in fact, set up my Internet account in January, however told me that my START date wouldn’t be until MARCH 25th. How the hell that works, I still can’t grasp. (insert :: frustrated Student for MONTHS…now let’s continue, shall we) So, I get a call this passing Friday the 25th, saying my service had started etc. I was gone for the weekend but cool; it’s finally working I thought to myself. I get home and what do I find? NO DAMN INTERNET SERVICE!!! (insert:: MONTHS OF FRUSTRATION coming back to me all at once).

Do you think I really wanna call Verizon right now?? Really??

I decide to try to fix all possible problems, you know the obvious ones::…. Turn it off and on… Unplug it… reset it etc. NOTHING!!! Finally, I give in and decide to deal with the damn animated operator for 5 mins. She asks pointless questions; the same questions the REAL operator asks ALL OVER AGAIN!!! What the hell was the point?? I then try to give the operator the benefit of the doubt, because he doesn’t understand my “months of frustrations”…. however, that whole approach went out the window when he asked “Well mam did you turn it off or try to reset it??”” Really? Seriously?? C’mon man…


-Kayotic Konfessions