"Oh myyy starsss.... HUSH!!!"

If my alarm clock was a person this morning, I think it woulda been like Tyson vs. Holyfield in my bedroom. I would have been all for fighting dirty; for that’s how annoying my alarm clock was today. It knew I was tired as hell. I kept hitting the snooze button and it just kept going off. Like seriously, can’t you interpret I dont want to get up after the 5th snooze man. It got to the point I jumped up ready to scream ” will you the SHUT THE HELL UP… I hear you dammit, sheesh!!! I AM UP!!!”. Is it wrong to yell at my clock when I got to get up for class? Is waking me up out of glorious sleep really a favor? Well if so, today it didnt feel like it so my alarm clock and I…. had some technical difficulites!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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