It’s 5:35 am, (I should be sleep) however, I am up thinking about the words. How quickly they come about, how swiftly they ease out. Roll off the tongue with no type of remorse or force… almost rehearsed, second nature, I almost typed it just now but my brain was my savior, almost inevitable I’ve been saying it so long, I know it isn’t right yet it hardly ever feels wrong… at least at the time.

At that specific time I say these words I mean it, I feel it, sometimes its written in my soul, don’t want to hold on to it or be a victim no more, I’m guilty of Tryna surpress, I wanna konfess, just get it off my chest… and just as my first tear falls, and I hear the silent gossiping among my four walls… that is when my lips tremble, for they just want to say it.. whether it be at a mouses whispher or a neighbor waking chant… my brain just wants to scream these words… but my heart knows “I can’t”!!!

“I’m a victim of using the words “I can’t”… learn to exclude those words from your vocabulary because I am sure we are ALL VICTIMS.” – KAY

– I can do anything
Kayotic konfessions