Not a leash, a Muzzle!!!

     I thought the homeless people were a nuisance… always begging for handouts and the easy route, when they can’t even take the initiative to get off their unwashed butts and fill out a job application. If they can left their fingers to write on a piece of cardboard with a pen, then they can sure enough write their name on an app. Dont look at me as judgement because “I HAVE BEEN HOMELESS!!! and I HAVE LIVED IN A SHELTER”…. so I KNOW the difference between HOMELESS and just plain ol TRIFLIN and LAZY!!!! If you’re begging and you’re on that same corner EVERYDAY… “PUT A MUZZLE ON IT”

However, it’s no longer the homeless people who bother me….

I was riding metro… I’m not even sure where I was going but I do remember what stood out about my trip. A young man/teen got on the train begging….(normally I don’t mind… they be selling cd’s or some kind of boys club group). Any who, he said “Mam, I just got outta jail, im tryna do the right thing… I don’t want to steal, can you please help me out with some spare change?”. Now, knowing what he’s saying …. I thought about my wallet… I had no cash (glad I didn’t). So I replied “I’m sorry I dont have it”. However as soon as the words rolled off my lips… my mind instantly begin taking a mental picture of this little boy.

His outfit : Polo Boots, True Religions, Black tee and a Ralph Lauren Coat….

 = More than enough to buy his ass food for a MONTH!!!

I’m examining him from head to toe and He spazes out “B*** this, B**** that…. I’m trying to do the right f’ning thing…”!! I’m telling you, if I didn’t have my priorities straight and if it were any other day… I probably would have snatched the life right outta this little boy. What is wrong with these kids??!!! They don’t know what to say outta their mouth and taking advantage of people kindness (while they portray to be worst than the homeless) aint going to cut!!!

They better put a MUZZLE on it… before they spaze out on the wrong one!!!

-Kayotic Konfessions