Height, my dear lovely height,

What is woman to do without your presence? You are truly the best thing smoking since sliced bread came into play. You have the ability to take my breathe away with one glance. You have become my true weakness, my infamous kryptonite.

Seeing tall men… 6 ft and up, makes my knees get weak. Not to mention your one hit wonders like Javale Mcgee who plays for the wizards… who’s 7ft or damn near knocking at the door. What gives you the right to show off like that height? Just creating these drool worthy trees … I mean men. Lls

None the less…I ain’t complaining,
For I pledge allegiance to you… the truth, the height.
A tall man might b wrong but damn do they look right.

(At least in my book haha),
Kayotic konfessions