Old postcards and a magnifying glass.
"I spy with my Kayotic Eye...."

I think I’ve choosen the wrong profession to go into. I should have considered being a detective or a SPY!!! I’d be so good at it, and “I LOVE IT”. Yeah I know, snooping is bad, morally wrong…blah blah blah, sue me :-)!

 If people didn’t do so much dirt, there’d be nothing to hide and no reason for uncovering the truth. Husbands and wives have to hire people to follow their spouses all the time; just to receive pictures in the mail with them sexing kindergarteners … I mean younger adult lls. It’s a good profession, I think lol.  I haven’t snooped in a while so I forgot how mischievous it felt lol. Until earlier I was a little determined to find out who my EX’s new-found girlfriend was. People kill me not giving these significant others the spotlight they damn well deserve LOL. If I’m your girl and you adore me like you “so-called” say or POST then please…oh please …”INTRODUCE ME TO THE WORLD!”

Anywho, it didn’t take long at all… Just enough clicks, a little browsing and BAM!! There she was, I had no hate-rade for their relationship, and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. She was gorgeous!! I let out a silent Whoop-Whoop. I’m so happy for my ex because HE IS HAPPY and deserves it! I was also happy to see my spy skills were still as sharp as the day I stopped using them.” GO ME…GO ME!!!”  It made me reminisce on all the dirt I used to run across, that my old flames really thought they had so secretly pushed under the rug. They were so DUMB lls… smh, If only they knew… I should get paid for all I can do/uncover! I’d probably still stun them with everything I KNOW that I have yet to Konfess… HAHAHA!!

-Kayotic Konfessions (The DMV Spy)… signing out 🙂