Just gotta have it!!!


"Can I smelly your neck for a sec"...lol (just a sec)

There is nothing better than a man who smells desirable. It truly is my kryptonite. To the point I will break my neck to see who is wearing the smell that is driving my spider senses up the wall.  I almost wanna rescue them by telling them they smell delicious. IM IN LOVE!!! Even thou the temptation is overwhelming I try to reframe myself.


One reason is because I am taken,

While another is because… Men don’t take compliments well. I can say I love their scent and they’ll take that as I wanna talk to them or that I’m crazy LOL.

I might be lemme tell you why. I once was walking thru Union Station one day and I shit you not, the smell was so enticing that I JUST HAD TO FOLLOW THE SCENT!!! Almost like how Scooby Doo used to float to food and Scooby snacks. I followed the scent without even looking where I was going. It was getting closer, I was so closed I could touch it. I was hypnotized. It wasn’t until I ran into the back of the guy wearing it did I snap out of it lls. I was so zoned out I never even noticed that he had stopped walking. I damn near walked over the back of his heels. I was highly embarrassed but hey… I did say “a man who smells good is my weakness” lol.

I think if I don’t get married by 30, I might just marry a bottle of men Cologne!!! 🙂

Just one sniff and I’d always be happy!

-Kayotic Konfessions