Sometimes, I wonder on this historic day, if Martin Luther King would be tossing in his grave if he could see what the world is like now? I mean the Civil Rights Movement is over but are things truly better? Hell NO!!! The death tolls for this year alone are already in the double digits. People hate more than they help others and innocent people are still getting hung with no explanation for their deaths (look it up, in a small town down south a young man was hung before 2010 ended). I mean c’mon are things really any better?

Our youth aren’t interested in learning or bettering their selves; their mimicking idiots like Nikki Minaj and Lil Wayne, most high school girls are getting pregnant, and most young men are dying or going to jail. It sucks!!! The aftermath of this nonsense is hurting some of us because these things are hitting so close to home. Last year, I witnessed friends constantly going to funerals; back to back. I even read about shootings taking place at funerals. Would Dr. King be proud of us or disgusted?


My Lil brother and I... "I Luv U"

This week is a historic greatness in one aspect to all of us but it also sparks great sadness to me. My little brother, my heart, my seven years apart twin is turning eighteen this week; Jan. 19th. I should be filled with joy and excitement but I am not. He will be spending his 18th birthday in Prince Georges Correctional Facility…(jail for the slow people). He’s been there since the summer of 2010, a boy mixed in with the real hardcore killers. Yes, I said a boy because once the reality of being locked up set in; the child within came out. He was scared and even thou he only partially admitted it, I could read his face and his heart. I can’t stand it and the judiciary system makes me hate them. His trials have been looked over and constantly pushed back. No one in my family is stupid, these attempts are done so that when he goes to court and stands in front of the judge he will no longer be looked upon as a minor but as an ADULT.


I should be happy he’s made it to his 18th birthday since most young men never do, instead I am still deeply saddened. His birthday may very well mark the beginning to years in a maximum prison. I know he’s made some mistakes, minor ones in my eyes, esp. if you look at all that is taking place in the world. He wanted to stand out and be popular by name brands… he wasn’t selling drugs or shooting people and nonetheless his life is RUINED!! and when or if he gets out… he’ll just be another statistic, another black man who will have nothing but a bad label…CONVICT!!


Us playing around 🙂

I wonder would Martin Luther King be just as sad as me, if he could see what the world was like now in 2k11.


-Kayotic Konfessions