Why is it women can have this vision but men can’t see it? All they see are the nonexistent, haven’t reached variables that prevent the bigger picture.

E.g. “Do you see a future for us? Can you see us getting married? Would u mind having a child with me (in the future)?”  Etc.

Do those questions trigger something that makes u think were asking you to sign your life away to us? Maybe you think were asking you to know the future… to KNOW what’s written in stone? Somebody clue me in because obviously were on different ends of the drawing board. I may ask because I want to know if you could at least seeing me playing these roles in ones life. Maybe its just reassuring that were not wasting each others precious time building blurry never gonna happen visions. Im not gonna ask in the future WILL u marry me…(if that’s the case I’d be proposing to you…not the other way around) i may ask however, can you “see”… keyword here people “see” yourself marrying me? Why do men wanna explain the variables on WHAT IF’s??? You can’t see it, can you? I can’t help you paint a picture If u can’t even imagine the image.

-I just don’t get it
Kayotic Konfessions
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