I [KNEW] I wanted this bad, Just not this bad. I feel like my daughter waiting for SANTA CLAUS to come and drop of her presents. Only difference is I’m grown and I know he doesn’t exist. I’m so anxious that “sleep” decided it didn’t no longer want to be my best friend. I LOVE SLEEP…like I enjoy those mid day old people naps and I’m 23. I look forward to coming home to my secret lover; MY BED.  So being woke and restless at 3-4am, while knowing I have to get my child up at 630 and be out the door by 745… does not work for me! Esp since starting next week I’ll have to get up @ 5 and be out the door by 6am. Can you say torture? The thought alone makes me sigh.

BUT IM SO EXCITED!!! I’m 3-4 months away from my goal and its killing me. I’m so close I just wanna touch it, ” oh just let me touch it”. I’m praying for success but I’m also praying for sleep LOL. I can’t believe this is how sleep does me after all these years, after all we’ve been thru… I am so hurt lol. Just going to abandon me? I just don’t believe it.

Every been so anxious for news, for a day to approach for anything worth wild…

that sleep left you hanging?”

-Kayotic Konfessions