Keep your friends out of your relationships. If you can not… keep them at a distance.

She did what? Leave that crazy hoe man...

It took me a while to grasp and understand why I now do this. It’s a great sense of control to establish. You get tired of hearing all the extra and dumb shit you’re so-called close friends and relatives have to say. Especially after having a fight and over exaggerating a bit LOL. Us as women..shoot, men too, have a habit of being a tad bit over dramatic in front of others. While still having every intention on being with this person.

Do you tell your fam or friends about your current Point of Interest (POI), or spouse? Do you include all or some of the dumb shit they do? All the bad choices they make and how much they’ve HURT or disappointed you?

As a result… “how do those outsiders now look at the person you still chose to love? How do they look at you for loving them?”

Can’t stand him/her… right??!! and you’re a damn fool lol.


"I told you about that Boy... you Never Listen..."

Well, I’ve been there so I can say this proudly…ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!! lol

Even thou your POI may have been wrong, those outsiders would have never formed a different opinion about the person you wish to be with had you not shared your personal business. Bad comments need to be balanced with all the good or else you’ll never hear good advice towards your relationship. All you’ll get is “fuck him/her… you need to leave or quit…and I never liked such a such anyway”. No body wants to hear that nonsense; not me. Keep your family and friends on a leash… if you must Kiss and Tell… ONLY TELL THE GOOD if you’re not prepared for constantly hearing the WORST!!!

-Kayotic Konfessions