Every where I look… Everywhere I turn… It’s making nervous. Have I hit my wedding breaking point? No freaking way, Im still young! lol Is this how old people feel when their approaching 30 or 50?? (no offense). Anxious but at the same time scared as hell?? Have I reached my younger self’s checkpoint? <— Lemme explain.

Remember when you were a kid and marriage was like this BIG THING!! Before all the statistics about Divorce dampened the party. Way before pre-nup’s were needed because people could walk off with ALL of you… well.. ALL EXCEPT YOU lls. I’m talking about when the thought of the “perfect dress… the perfect song, the first dance and all EYES ON YOU” were at the top of your list. The day you would give every ounce of your love to Prince Charming or Cinderella while awaiting the chance to burn a hole in the floor for your wedding night :). Do you remember that? If so… do you remember what age you thought you’d get married or be married by?

I do.. I think that is what scares me lls. I’m just not sure if it’s the fact I’m failing my dream with flying colors because I’m nowhere near that step in my life or because the age I had imagined is approaching and AGAIN… I’m nowhere near that step in my life lls? Am I doing something wrong? haha (Nahhh). Sometimes I wonder if I even wanna get married? Other times I wonder, If I’ll have to grow some balls and propose to the one I love because men don’t want to make that kind of commitment nowadays. I don’t want to sign my life over… I just want to add-on to what I already have with the company of the one I can’t live without lls. Is that wrong? lol

I think I’m going “Pre-wedding haven’t even been proposed to CRAZY” lls This is not normal. Is this NORMAL? haha

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