Isnt it awesome? Peep my Gun haha

This is a very interesting game LOL and I am a GIRL!!! I haven’t played video games since they put those darn analogs on the PS game controllers. I’m just not that damn hand coordinated and it kind of sucks lls. I remember when I used to enjoy being wrapped up for hours while playing Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Madden and my favorite Crash Bandicoot. So I can’t get mad at my “point of interest” (POI) for sitting there playing his game for hours at a time while enjoying the fact he is killing a million people. smh It’s addictive to the point he doesn’t even realize how long he’s been sitting there LOL… HOURS 🙂


I’m even enjoying it and again… I”m not even playing due to my lack of ability to shoot and move at the same time LOL. I’d be dead in a matter of secs lol. I’m amazed how much the graphics on games have changed so drastically. There like totally awesome and eye-catching. I’m sitting here trying to wrap my pretty little head around how these games can possibly transform any further within the next three years. I’m scared… NO.. really. LOL Just the thought of designers pushing their limits and me being the observer jumping out of my skin because a zombie hand jumped outta my television screen; due to the person playing not shooting fast enough. You think that will be possible? Could you even imagine where my heart would be? Id tell you… probably in my damn socks.

Cant Play to save my life… at least my character’s life… so I’ll just continue to Watch the gore for now… 🙂

-Kayotic Konfessions