"Countdown time"

Its my favorite time of year…THAT FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!

Every year,… I embrace the change. The change of my appearance (hair, clothes etc.)…the chance to start fresh. However, this year I’m embracing the chance to leave everything and everyone that pulled me down… in 2010 BEHIND. Whether it be so-called friends; friends I may even love….I will leave them behind without a second thought. If they never made the effort, then why the hell should I? Why should I embrace them or take them into this lovely NEW YEAR with me? I WONT!!!!

Did you hear me, I’m leaving it all BEHIND LOL! Even family!! Family, Blood, Adopted-fam, those I’ve given a title…. are all looked upon with a silver lining. These people believe they can do anything to a person, including breaking one’s spirit and it can be looked upon as okay…for we are family.<–WRONG!!! I’ll leave their asses in 2010 as well. I’m only on a POSITIVE trip, a NATURAL no chemicals needed high! I am in the pursuit of my happiness and NO ONE ELSE’s. Let me rephrase that: “There are a FEW, whose happiness will and shall remain a high priority in 2011, but again that’s a SMALL few. 😉 I’m sure I’ll be looked upon as selfish…”I don’t care”. All my life I have been looking out for others, caring about what others think and how I would be perceived. It took 23 years for me NOT TO CARE an OUNCE!!! FCUK YOU and what you feel (POINT BLANK!!! lol).  I used to hate the thought of someone actually hating me… even those I KNEW that I didn’t even like. (strange right? I couldn’t explain it either) Well, those days are over = I don’t anymore. I’m not befriending people just because it’s the right thing to do. FCUK DAT!

“Love me or Hate me!!! Stay or Leave!!! Put for the EFFORT or KICK ROCKz!!”

I’m going into this NEW YEAR all smiles, IM GOIN INNNNN…with only a small few as I leave Many behind and I, for one… AM LOVING IT!!!!! Spending my evening with “The Guardian Angel” and possibly friends… ALL SMILES***

May Everyone have a GREAT and SAFE …..”NEW YEARS EVE“… Xoxo

(my next post may be a hangover one lls 😉 )

-Kayotic Konfessions