I think we could all agree that he had it coming…

Idiot. LOL
jk evryone loves u steve irwin!!!!!!!


Everyone see this so-called “humor” up there right??! It was a blog I encountered yesterday that I didn’t quite find funny. (Kayotic? really..the one that loves cracking jokes?..yeah I know) I didn’t say how I really felt on the matter, I just typed “Aww wow, that’s messed up”. I wasnt trying to attack the blogger, I just didn’t think it was cute and figured I’d post the fact at least one person on this damn site …Thought it was FCUKD UP but in mild terms. The author replied “not thattt messed up”… aight whatever. I moved on.

Until someone else commented “LOL”… then the author commented back… “girl ^^ there (referring to me) you got a bad sense of humor“. Now that, was a direct shot at me… Oh I took it a little personal! Just a little, so Sue me! You know I wrote back and YOU KNOW I could careless how the person takes it! I got a sense of humor but I also got a fucking heart! That man is DEAD! Sure his crazy ass career landed him there, but again… the word DEAD!!! <–yeah, that aint nothing to play with!

I don’t care if you sugar-coated it with the words “J/Kin everybody loved him”. I don’t think his fam, or HIS WIDOW would appreciate it or find the shyt funny! I don’t think the person that wrote that shyt would like it if the tables were turned. If  he/she (not wishing nothing upon them) Got hit by a fucking car and some idiot posted the video of it on YouTube with the statement…

“I think we all can agree he/she asked for it by not crossing at the cross walkJ/king… He/she was cute thou”.

SMH… people don’t think… and I left that as my comment pretty much.”The shyt aint humor, and anyone with fucking common sense would know that. Too bad common sense aint that fucking Common, huh?

-SMGDH Do you think I was Wrong? Dont really matter thou… CUZ I DONT THINK SO!!!!

-Kayotic Konfessions