How bad can it be?!.

I stumbled on a blog, that I didn’t hesitate to comment on. It wasnt until I was almost done typing my thoughts did I realize I was OUTRAGED!!! Totally in one of those “GET THE FCUK OUTTA HERE” moods. The crap I had read was like a waste of my tax dollars for court. To give a man five years for SNOOPING thru something i saw as community property; a computer between him and his WIFE/EX… whatever!!! That’s got to be the craziest shit I ever heard. Maybe because im a female and I KNOW DAMN WELL… I, WE… FEMALES: SNOOP!

How the hell  do you think we find out our spouses cant keep their dick to their selves… or for a lack of better words… keep our community property.. (since what’s his is mines most nights…) to his self!! SMDH, what’s next, are they gonna start arresting people for snooping thru their significant other’s android phone when they break that finger drawing lock pattern…?


“Leon Walker, a Michigan man suspicious of his wife’s behavior, used his spouse’s password to access her email on what he said was a shared computer in the home because he was worried his wife’s lover was abusive toward her around the couple’s young children.

He is now facing five years in jail under a state statute that prohibits unlawful access to a computer system, program or network in order to acquire, alter, damage, delete, or destroy property (a law typically targeted at malicious hackers).

I am not pro snooping, but I do think that this is taking it a bit far… The defendant’s lawyer is expected to argue that because the computer is considered shared property, the law should not apply to domestic snooping, and therefore, not a case. I don’t think that this is right either as it was her PERSONAL email… This is a tough one”

I really wanna know what y’all think… really? Have you ever snooped? Is it worth 5 years in prison? I could see if he beat her boyfriend ass,…right?

-Kayotic Konfessions