“Take me off the bench, Put me in the game Coach… I’ve already Loved you from your head to your ankles”….

Being the friend is almost like waiting on the bench until the love of your life decides if he or she doesn’t need a top 5 starting line anymore. Hopefully one day soon they’ll realize they’d like to downgrade to JUST ONE! It can be a long process and even a tad bit nerve wrecking. Who wouldn’t want a little confirmation, esp if your placing all of your eggs in this person‘s Easter basket? I’d want to know that they weren’t going to walk off with all of me too.

At times, It’s not even the position that bothers you if your 100 % sure you’re making the right choice. Sometimes it’s the things that take place while playing this position. For example, the way they introduce you to others of some sort of significance, ex’s or even complete nobodies. It’s like they forget your there for a sec, and then they look you up and down ….to say “oh this is…(wait for it…pause) just my friend Kayotic”. Well don’t let me intrude or stop this bullshit ass conversation…I’ll take a hint and just stand over here. Something about how that all came out stings… STINGS to the point your now rethinking this “JUST A FRIEND” crap. While you’re thinking, you tend to become even more frustrated at a question now punching your gut. “Can I even be upset or show emotions, do i have the right… for I’m only a friend?’. (FRUSTRATING)

Other times, it aint even about how the person is treating you. It’s about the uncertainty of you being “JUST A FRIEND” for so long. While this person is looking at you like a layaway project, it never fails that you’ll run into people who are looking to buy your love right now. Should I stay invested in this person that’s using me as a bench warmer or get to know someone who has every intention of putting me in the game? Should I, hmm should I?…

Would you?


"don't do it...U like Marge" "Marge who homer?...Do it!!!"

Ever been out partying and meet someone you sort of want to approach, but your conscious decides to add its two cents. You know what I mean; when you start weighing the odds! One one hand– you have your feelings and maybe even your body invested in your POI-Point of Interest, so are you allowed to mingle? Like would that be a bad idea?… On the other hand– your mind goes to the fact your technically your are SINGLE and on the bench. (Confusing, HUH?)



"Ma, how long have you been on this bench".... "seems like forever suga"


“JUST A FRIEND”… is a position many people wont progress from. When you put in a JOB application, the MANAGER always says…”We’ll were still looking to fill this position, but if you don’t hear a definite “you’re hire” back after two weeks, we’ll keep your file for 60 days.” At least there up front….Shouldn’t there be a time limit on this dreadful position too, so people won’t waste their lives WAITING…

.Just a Thought,

-Kayotic Konfessions