If you want to get under my skin in 1.5 secs… tell me how much you understand my pain!

“I can’t stand it… OHHHH I can’t stand it!”

To have a moment, when your eyes are watering, your chest is heavy and your heart just grew feet and walked. To be unsure of which way is right and which way is left. All you know is everything aches but you havent even been hit, or fallen down. Your mind is stuck on replay about SOMETHING and the image or the words that just shook you… WONT STOP.

You're pushing my Button!!!


*Then enters… “THE IDIOT”…*

The Idiot:: “Its okay, don’t worry about it babes. We’ve all been there and I UNDERSTAND and can feel what you’re going thru”

REPLAY…That last statement:

“I UNDERSTAND and can feel what you’re going thru, I UNDERSTAND and can feel what you’re going thru”



I think at that very moment, all sanity is lost!!! 

“You understand what exactly? You feel this pain in my chest… really? You’ve struggled before…enlighten me? So crying and clinching the floor is normal..you’ve done this.. when?” If you have NEVER been in that position or walked in that person’s shoes… Please don’t say that!! If you have never been thru anything in your pathetic little life, those are not the words that should escape from your mouth. They are not comforting or reassuring. They are just a sure way to piss the person that is hurting off. They don’t want to hear it, and if you’ve really been there… YOU’D KNOW THIS!!! You would know of better ways to get thru to this person! If you don’t have the right words to caress the hurt.. JUST LEND YOUR SHOULDER…go grab some tissues…LEAVE EM BE…. something!!

JUST DONT SAY “YOU UNDERSTAND”… If you really do not have a CLUE!

For that action right there… is just a sure way of getting all the frustration, anger and hurt that’s residing within that person’s chest, thrown straight at you!!!

-Kayotic Konfessions