Why is it when you throw a label or a title on the person you choose to be with, people then believe it gives them the right to control the other person?  Do they really believe this newly placed property stamp gives them the right to say how this person will conduct themselves from now on?

I think people get a little too carried away. “Yeah I said I’d be with you, but I didn’t say I’d volunteer losing myself in the process. I understand some sacrifices are needed to keep a healthy relationship. However,…not these:


  • You can NOT control your woman by raising your voice. Sure the first time its overwhelming and a bit alarming. However, it then becomes annoying and too damn aggressive! Your asking to be ALONE, aint no woman built for no emotional abuse.
  • You can NOT control how a women dresses either. If what she was wearing beforehand is what attracted you to her  in the first place, then get over it!
  • Men women emotions aren’t like a faucet. We can’t just decide to turn it off and on at the drop of a dime. Either bear with it, or shut up!
  • You can NOT control how she wears her hair unless the hairdresser bill is being pulled from your account. If you like long hair, all you can do is make it known that’s what you like and suggest she keeps it. (But if she come home looking like Halle berry one night… I suggest you learn to love it or hate it… either way shut up and adjust, she’s still going to be bald.
  • If you stumbled upon a hoe, then you ALREADY KNOW… she’ll never be a house wife. So why the hell would you wife her? Why would you place a TITLE upon her?  YOUR A IDIOT!!!
  • Also, never tell her she can’t have friends. Your asking for sneakiness to follow… Its better for male friends or brothers to be in your eyes sight and you have knowledge about them, opposed to them being non-existent and you never having a clue.


  • Stop thinking that just because he’s your man that he wants to sit up under you twenty-four seven. Stop chastising the man; unlike us they need space. They need that break to hang with their boys. I don’t care how understanding you can be and how much you THINK you don’t get on his nerves or cause friction… YOU DO!!! Give him that moment, to do dumb shit with the fellas and laugh about the stupid shit we put them thru. BREATHE, it’s only for a few hours.
  • If you fear that them hours will lead to him humping someone else, or the thought of him being away from home makes you nervous then you’re a fool and shouldn’t have put a title on it in the first place. If you have that much doubt, then your probably in love with a dog and we all know, eventually… a dog will stray! Just leave the back door open and a bone out (Vicki‘s secret) and maybe he’ll be back.
  • P****… will only control a man, that’s never had any!!! Lls… Or until he finds some new P****! <–better bring more to the table!!!
  • Stop searching that man’s phone!!!! He’s allowed to network dammit, phone’s were made to hold more than just five people, you know!!!! Your going to cause more problems than your willing to really take on…
  • Ladies, you need to keep your yelling and public displays of anger to yourself as well. I know at times i’ll anger/emotions may overwhelm us and we tend to want to get even but “don’t do unto another what you don’t want done to you”. I MEAN IT!!! Women are just as abusive to men, as they are to us…. However, most MEN will turn the other cheek and NOT hit your ass back!  However, when that man gets tired of your bullshit, you will encounter a BOY that will knock you slam on your ass or even your face!!!!

“You can only control one person… YOURSELF!!!!”

-Kayotic Konfessions