Ever get a call from someone you know damn well, YOU DID NOT GIVE YOUR NUMBER TOO?…. Ugh, I could almost scream at the fact it never fails. I’ve changed my number about as many times as a man flips the cable channel (real talk) and every time, this person gets my number.

I didn’t give it to them… I KNOW I’m not listed,… How in the hell?


"Its Sallie Mae.... NOOOOO!!!"

The lady: “Hi, can we speak to Ms. Kayotic Konfessions… This is Sallie Mae calling to collect a debt…”

Ohh my stars, its satan spawn herself… the money hungry Grinch. I have so many words for Sallie Mae that I’d be repenting until my menopause stage hits. I konfess I’ve even exchanged a few with this blood sucking sponge but all she hears is “So how will you be paying today Ms. Konfessions?”.

I swear, I can talk until I’m blue in the face, pleading my case… explaining to her, what she obviously didn’t get the memo on… and in return she will simply reply with a dumb statement suggesting to me she did NOT HEAR A DAMN THING that I just said!!!!!

"I understand... now where is the MONEY"

She be blowing my life I tell you. She even has a way of leaving me in a state of confusion. If she can constantly keep getting my number from god knows where, why didn’t the heathen just get my current life status while she was at it? I don’t mind volunteering a bit of INFO, my only problem is that this is how it usually goes lol

(wait for it)DING!!!! …..

Her:: (blah blah blah…Payment… Blah blah..Visa, etc)



The lady::I understand that Ms. Kayotic but can you at least put 50 dollars on your account today”

ME: What part of broke is too hard to comprehend? *Looks at the phone* Did she NOT hear me? *Shakes head*


Dont you just hate when people call, that you didn’t give your number too.

-Kayotic Konfessions