I’d like to give a Handbag Salute… Ladies, find your hand bag

Everyone got their handbag??... CHECK!!!

Wrong Bag … lol, let me go a little more into depth about the handbag I am referring too. “All my Mothers“.. grab your HANDBAG please.

I was just explaining to a friend last night, that my daughter is like my purse reincarnated. Most women don’t move a muscle without their purse being by their side. If you don’t know, a purse is a terrible thing to lose; for it holds UNBELIEVABLE value. I don’t think men can actually grasp that comparison unless referring to their wallet or a Condom. Condoms are kind of valuable but in a different sense; that’s the key to keeping their freedom lol.

Can you Now see the Handbag Im referring too? ...

Women with really precious handbags have no freedom, (not including those stunting and faking the funk handbag carriers). It’s almost like a ball and chain effect because once your bag is wrapped around your arm the chance of letting go is slim to NONE. Some even go across the seas like Angelina Jolie and fall in love with a handbag. The cost won’t matter once you’ve decided you got to have it. She adopted her bag which is almost like that borrow a bag website off the sex n the city movie.

“Bags, clutches, handbags, duffel’s”…

They come in all different shapes, sizes, and brands. I’m still trying figure out if mines is a Coach or a Juicy Couture bag. It tends to switch up on me as the years go by. I love my bag thou, I can’t imagine leaving home without it. I get a kick out of people stopping me to say “Your bag is so adorable”. I just smile, grasp it a little tighter and say “THANK YOU”. While walking away thinking, this bag right here… I Picked this, This bag right here is “ALL ME”.

So Once again… Can we get a “HANDBAG SALUTE”… for its our accessories, that really set us off.

-Kayotic Konfessions