How do you come back from those embarrassing moments? Can you even come back? Most of the time people try to laugh it off, until they can get to a quiet corner to re-evaluate “what the hell just happened”. Like when Janet Jackson breast  popped out at the Superbowl, she was highly embarrassed. She waited until it was over to point the blame on the designer lol. Is that how we take the attention off ourselves; by blaming someone or something else?  “Damn windex, got the patio window looking all invisible and shit I should have used that 409 then maybe I wouldn’t have walked smack into it”. LOL

Think about your parents for a moment or even a close relative and try to remember those moments when they’d almost trip and you gotta turn your head to keep from laughing. What is the next thing they would do like clockwork? Scream someone’s name and start bitching about “I told you to move all this shit… blah blah blah”. Like it’s their fault they’re 20/20 vision just decided not to work and they didn’t see that BIG ASS BAG or toy.

Check the chick in the video I posted, she’s all pretty and glistening. Making everybody hate the fact Kevin Hart just said he’d get in that tub with her, then BAM. Just like that slim hair catches on fire LOL. How do you recover from that? Blame the person for setting up to many damn candles? Blame your hairdresser for using flammable horse hair? Maybe she’ll play that pity card I was recently telling y’all about. I don’t think you can recover from that one thou, because unlike most embarrassing moments, they are not caught on camera. 

She has my sympathy because I’ve been there. Not posted all over Youtube but I’ve been embarrassed. I was so into my damn phone <—(see me placing the blame) …. That I fell on campus one day. I don’t mean one of those, my heels got stuck but I can catch myself while still looking pretty. I mean one of those, straight to the ground, feet in the air…notebooks and papers everywhere. One of those drunk falls when you land on your face. I was BEYOND EMBARRASSED LLS… even thou only one person saw me and even helped me, I was devastated. I laughed, played the victim, blamed the sidewalk; I mean I did the whole nine yards. Walked away like everything was fine; smiling.  I got around the corner  (took a deep breath) and it dawned on me how badly I wanted to cry. Yeah, my ego was bruised, but man…my entire fucking body hurt. I mean everything, you name it and I’ll tell you it had its own pulse. I recovered thou, held my head high and sucked that ish up. LOL IMMA SOLDIER.. sometimes  😉

Moments are only embarrassing, if you can’t recover from them….

“Ever had an embarrassing moment?”

-Kayotic Konfessions