"Under the bus...He goes"

Do women really get away with murder as we metaphorically throw men under the bus? Do men truly have it harder than women, or are women just that good at fabricating a prettier picture to distract others from seeing all their bullshit?

I think women truly are devils walking in Prada, or at least little sinners in running shoes. Our lips can run so fast that bout time we finish dressing a lie up, anybody will buy it. Women are GREAT at pulling that pity card, to where others feel sorry for them. While men, they don’t giva damn what you think (most of the time), and lying isn’t there best attribute…. cause half the time they can’t remember the damn lie they told. So the woman wound up looking like the victim, while the man suffers from the whiplash now placed upon him. Women are almost like walking hit men. lol

"Girl let me run him over for you"

Take this blog, I recently read on WordPress…. I would put the woman’s blog name out there but id rather not put the idiot on blast. Yes, i said it she’s an idiot and gives us good women (like myself) a bad “devil wears Prada” image. In the beginning of her blog, she reaches out for sympathy and I almost gave it to her. She was in a horrible relationship, she wanted out, cried about not wanting to wait for the perfect time to end things…etc. I mean I was nodding my head, saying yeah she’s right, eating out the palm of her hand… until I got to the middle of her explanation. She claimed her friends were making her feel bad by making her the joke of the evening… (I’m like damn that’s tough), but this is why: This crazy woman who was reaching for sympathy off the break, finally konfessed that she had just finished throwing her boyfriend under the bus. Not only did she break his little ol heart, she just dumped slim before Christmas. She goes back to her sob story, but I ain’t feeling too sympathetic anymore until she says he had cheated. Okay, I’m back aboard the bus, run that ass over…want me to drive. I was almost ready to run the poor dude over in my head UNTIL… she wrote… “so what I had an affair, dumped him before Christmas…he deserved it”. Is this that double standard crap men be talking about…? Is she the tea-pot calling the kettle black? That right there “Floor’d me”… she’s the DEVIL, Yep. She went from sympathetic, to I feel bad, to a stone cold “fuck it”. She was trying to get away with murder and I almost agreed.

Dudes, I find it hilarious that when you cheat that one time, you all become the scum of the fucking EARTH. It then turns to I HATE YOUR GUTS. He broke my heart! HE’s nothing but a HOE… (blah, blah,blah, blah). I am pretty sure you’ve all heard it before and once it get backs to the best friend network of the broken-hearted girlfriend, your side of the story becomes inconclusive. Now, let a woman cheat it then becomes “I wasnt feeling loved, He was never was home, It was an accident, He hurt me first so he deserved it”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say or own up to the fact she just wanted to see what the D*** was like. Women cheat then look for sympathy and society gives it to them. They have a reputation for being Angels… (devils in disguise), while men … you all are just dogs. Dont matter if you’re the prize K-9 or shitzu … You’re still a dog, your always gonna be a dog.

All I can say is “WATCH OUT FOR THAT BUS”… for everybody knows Women can’t Drive!!!!


“A woman’s Best friend”

-Kayotic Konfessions