Should we...? Just kiss me already

“A friend brought this topic to my attention and shortly after, I just happened to stumbled on this video on YOUTUBE about it (see below). In the video the guys are so funny, they’re so real its ridiculous…. I LOVE IT… so i figured I’d share women’s real thoughts, opposed to the sugar-coated ones shown in the video lls.”

“How long should you make him wait?”

If women could get away with fucking on the first date like men, we probably would. Some discretely do it. However, most feel we gotta uphold this image of not being too slutty or a hoe. Esp, if the woman is looking to be more than just a “wam bam thank you mam”. Nonethelss, everyone knows that ANDRE 3000 said it best “telling all her friends like ohh he could get it”.

A woman knows within the first few minutes if the guy is fuckable or not!!! She knows immediately if she wouldn’t mind leaving the club right now and going back to his place for a SUPER A (super accident= One night stand). It’s in his physical appearance, his smile, laugh, his voice… the way his hand grazes her hip etc…After the first 5 minutes I guarantee her mind is made up. It’s like we gotta try to hold our composer once we’ve decided “he could get it”.. and let me tell you, that takes skills buddy. Most of us are pro’s… we can last to the third date and longer!! 🙂 But there are times… WE CANT! and our mind is in the gutter like FCUK IT!


umm, … I guess woo her LMAO… all chicks are different, so I don’t know lol. Some women you just have to wait till they get a feel for you. While other women are just waiting for the guy to make the first move.. Push up on her! Be a little aggressive. LOL shoot, do it like you did in high school, wrestle n pin her down!… then Kiss…. a lil hand roaming and BAM! lls You’re in there like swim wear … If you got the magic touch !!

Should you wait till marriage?

You think they waited?? Hell no lls

I’m with the fellas in the video… HELL NO!!! I understand marriage equals plenty of time to work on your skills, and figure out what each other likes. However, you wanna walk into marriage knowing what you got, both eyes open. (at least I DO).  You wanna know damn well without any doubts that you both will be pleased. Not hella surprised during the honey moon that your spouse don’t do oral… isn’t a rider… is a virgin. Shoot, you might want to revoke them vows in a month if your sexually frustrated and your partner is the pits (HORRIBLE). I’m just saying haha…

Watch the video and feel free to let me know what you think, there’s no wrong answer 🙂