I’ve had to quickly turn away on numerous occasions when looking at another female. Just the very thought of being scanned offends most women. I don’t know why thou? I’m not sure, if it is because they got their head too far up their asses, if they’re assuming the causal look upon them insinuates that other women are gay or maybe that because they’re being “quote on quote” stared at someone must be hating.


I’ll admit there are times when women come outside looking like they’re mirror was broken. If that’s the case don’t blame another for wondering what the fuck happened in your closet this morning. Don’t blame outsiders for trying to figure out how the hell your silk shirt can go with some chinese slippers. Blame yourself for stepping outside in a head to toe disaster. Obviously you wanted attention and now you got it… “CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

There are other times nonetheless, when a person means no harm at all by looking at you. For example, I was on the B2 (a metro bus)… when these lil fly Keri hilson clones got on the bus. I was truly amazed, they had pulled it off and they looked great!!! Obviously, they knew it and the very idea that they were the bait, had went to their damn head. Before I could compliment the little huzzy on her shoes (I give compliments where they are due)… she turns to her friend and says… “WHAT THE FCUK IS SHE STARING AT?”….

Energy (Keri Hilson song)
Keri Hilson Clones

(Thinks to self:: me? she can’t possibly be talking about me?) I swear, it took everything in me, I mean from the pits of my stomach, not to snatch that blonde track piece right out the front of her hair and LET HER KNOW::  Ya bald-headed ass isn’t worth my compliment, let alone a stare!!

Women, females (whatever)… have gotten too besides their selves. Not just with other women, but men as well. A guy can’t just like your appearance enough to look nowadays, without there being a problem? Men also tend to get the  “Why the fuck is he staring at me?” If you females really turned and asked a guy that I pray to the Unicorns he changes his whole demeanor towards you and say NOT A DAMN THING!!! I guess being geniunely attracted to you by your physical appearance is just unheard of. I could see if he was undressing you with his eyes…. But then again, I still blame you. Point that little ol finger at yourself, esp if you came outside half ass naked… Id undress your ass too, being as thou there’s nothing left to the imagination lol…

Ladies (Some.. NOT ALL)  check yourself… be a little more grateful if someone’s eyes fall upon you…

– Kayotic Konfessions