"Our bond"A friend recently posted a question Via Facebook

I was the only one that I believed commented with some common sense on the matter, so I figured Id let my readers in on the topic at hand and see what you guys think….


“If a guy finds out three years later after playing a strong role

in a childs life from Day 1… that he is not the father,

is it cool to just turn his back and leave?”

Is it cool to just up and leave… me personally, I say NO. Yes, the mother of the child is wrong on so many freaking levels but the child is not to blame. Holding the child accountable for the mother being irresponsible and having hoe like tendencies will not solve the issue at hand. Should you leave the child who knows only of you; fatherless? I believe if you were doing the right thing from jump, why stop now? Is the childs love for you any different now that your blood type has changed?

Granted the whole scenario has changed but leaving should not be an option. If you really loved the child like your own from day 1 then the very thought of ever hurting that child should hurt you. Even if you wanted to continue the role from a distance, I can see that, and I’m cool with that idea. Your not the father so your only obligated to do so much. You don’t have to worry about the pressures of  the bitter mother filing child support because again the child TECHNICALLY ISNT YOURs

My friend also stated :

“What difference would it make if the father the left, the child is only 3, will he really remember?”

Personally I do not remember a lot from when I was three, but I look at my child (who is 3) and certain things/people do stick within my baby’s memory bank for quite some time. Sure the baby might forget in some years…keyword here... MIGHT, but will you? As the guy who now left a child fatherless, could you live with the thought of that years to come? That is almost like what women go thru with abortions, trust me… that’s not a feeling that goes away as easily as u’d like it too. Could you bear a child actually remembering and hating you for leaving? They wont understand your decision until their older, so that’s years of hate. By the time they can grasp the truth, they’ll probably still look at it as bitchassness on your part. Creating a deep "I know he's gonna come back...I just know it"void in a child’s life, could you live with that?

– Kayotic Konfessions