“Give a chick an inch, I guarantee she’ll take a yard”

I tend to laugh at my male friends after reality finally sets in, that their entwine with these bougie bitches…excuse my french. I mean it blows them to no end, and they be sitting there trying to figure out “why them”. Half the time the sex, nor conversation was as good as the girls MAC make-up portrayed it to be. LOL  Nonetheless, what cracks me up even more is, after guys FCUK; the fake nails, eyelashes, boobs, ass, and non pull-able hair (cuz it aint hers) isn’t even attractive to them. Go figure. Guys be so caught up on the outside appearance that they forget to check the interior of the female. I bet if it was a car they were attracted to, they’d know every inch of that bad boy before they even took it off the lot for a test drive; but that is wishful thinking. Females aren’t cars and if they were most would be buicks and auction buckets.

“You gave her a compliment and now you’d like to take it back”

I wonder why when guys realize these barbies are incapable of doing anything else but looking good and spending your money they want to get mad. They should stop complimenting these clones and tell them how they really feel. Clear example, I think its okay for there to be One and ONLY ONE Nicki Minaj, but when you go to the store and every chick you encounter got the bang, or the colorful weave with pink lips… shit has gotten outta hand!

Paid to Much for these, but do you like them?
Paid to Much for these, but do you like them?

If guys truly want to separate the real from the fake, they better stop supporting these wanna be high maintenance chicks. See how they really look with out men hard-earned checks paying for their chipped nails and broken off REAL hair.

****Oh n for the record spending all that money to increase their beast cup… bedda get her ass a push up! Haven’t heard Vicky’s secret??… THEY WORK WONDERS!!!!****

*Don’t mistake me  for going on females, I just believe there is a time and a place to overdo it… to Kill the runway or event …..However::

1. If u wake up in the morning and have to immediately slap your face with make up….

2. If you’re in the middle of getting your back blown out and you stop because your on your weave…

3. If a mouthful (A or B cup) isn”t enough for him and you stupidly agree…

4. If you are uncomfortable with your own shape and skin in ANYWAY…

You need to re-evaluate yourself… because men are attracted to FAKE and that might be YOU!!!


-Kayotic Konfession